Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm sick of being sick.  I knew it would happen when I went back to work, but I didn't expect to have a lingering sort of sicknes for three weeks.  I finally got over that, and was just feeling like my normal self again last week.  And now I'm sick again .....with the same thing!  My throat is scratchy and it strains and sort of hurts to talk.  Not so great when I have to talk all day long at work.

Trevor was off sick on Friday.  Sierra has been coughing and Coen didn't sleep at the baby-sitter's much today because he was coughing.  As a result, he was miserable tonight, and it hit right at dinner time.  He was screaming, Trevor was complaining that the meat wasn't completely cooked (it was!), Sierra was asking her usual 100 questions and taking forever to eat, and of course the TV was on.  After dealing with little voices all day at work, it was way too much for me.  My head was on overload.  That is one downfall of working with kids all day......

Luckily, once Coen was bathed and fed, he went right to sleep.  Sierra was doing everything she could to avoid going to bed.  It worked for quite awhile.  First she was doing Trevor's hair then mine.  Then we had to change her doll's clothes and diapers and find beds for all of them.  I love playing that stuff with her, and it's been awhile, but of course I didn't fully enjoy it because I don't feel great and wanted to relax and get to bed early.

Not a very exciting post, but it's all I can manage tonight.  Hopefully the germs leave our house and stay gone this time.  This weather isn't helping - it keeps going from cold to like 50 degrees.  That is crazy for January!


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