Thursday, January 19, 2012

Caught Up

Dare I say it, but finally I am caught up at work.  Meaning, all 50 some students that I see have up to date files, with the right goals on their progress sheets and all the data transferred into Excel spreadsheets.  Now it is all ready for me to write 50 some progress reports Monday on clerical day.  Ugh.  I loathe the end of each 9 weeks, because it means tons of paperwork.  I am glad we get a clerical day at the end of the semester, especially because I was so behind that I haven't started any yet.  But I really hate sitting in front of a computer all day - I am just  not cut out for that kind of work.  I can't focus - I get bored.  I need people to talk to!

Speaking of work stuff, let's go back to Wednesday.  On Wednesdays, I have a window in the room I use for speech, which is quite rare.  Usually the speech therapists get old closets to use.  Actually, this room is probably a storage room because it does not run off the same heat that the rest of the building is on and gets quite cold.  So anyway, as I was working with some students and looking out the window, it started to snow.  Beautiful, big snowflakes that were hitting against the window.  It was so pretty I wanted to capture it on my phone camera, but I decided it would not be a great example to set for my students - getting out my phone and taking a picture in the middle of a lesson.  So I refrained myself, and by the time the kids left, it stopped snowing.  It made me think of Adelyn and all the babies in heaven, since I have heard that snowflakes are kisses sent from heaven.  At the hosptial memorial service we attended for Adelyn back in December (which I never got to write about because it was right when I went back to work and things were crazy), we received a snowflake ornament that says "babies are unique, just like snowflakes."  I was excited that they had pink ones :)  So now snowflakes remind me of Adelyn too.

Today at work, I was drilling a student on the "s" sound and the word that came up was "same."  She was to make up her own sentence and she said "_________" and "_______" look the same.  I recognized the one name as her sister's name, but the other I wasn't sure of.  It doesn't help that this student's speech is very hard to understand.  So I asked, and she told me it was her sister who died.  Then she said that sister is (not was) 12 and talked about her for a minute.  I will add that I am pretty sure her sister died before she was born, but I'm not sure.  I did ask her about her sister, but again, she is so hard to understand I didn't get it all.  And then somehow dogs came up, and she told me that when her last dog died, she thinks he saw her sister in heaven.  I really almost cried.  What a sweet child.  In that moment, I vowed that my (living) children will be just like her - not afraid to speak of their deceased sister and proudly talk about her like this student.

Today was a good day at work.  I wore a pair of prepregnancy pants - not my "fat" pants as I call them that I bought to get me through those in-between weeks, but regular pants.  Maybe they were not the most comfortable, but they did button!  Yay!  I even had enough energy to take my poor neglected dog for a very short walk around the block before I picked up the kids.  This of course was brought on by a talk during lunch about that topic.  It's so hard to take good care of a dog on top of everything else.  Just add it to my mommy guilt that I don't walk him enough or that I rush him to go outside and do his business faster because I am always hurrying to get something else done.  Ahhh....but my dog is my first baby and I love him so much.

And now for the best part of this post - Coen's 3 month picture that I could not get to load last week.  Cutest hat ever! And the baby wearing it is just a little cute too!


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