Saturday, January 14, 2012


Last weekend I took down Adelyn's Christmas tree.  It made me sad because I felt like now I had nothing in my house that symbolized her.  First I had her wreath on the front door for the whole month of September, then I had the pink "HOPE" pumpkin on the dining room table for October and November, and then I had her pink tree.

So I started what?  Valentine's Day means roses - typically red roses - but pink roses for Adelyn, since that is her flower.  I went to Michael's last weekend to return something I didn't use when I made her Christmas candle, and I came across a wreath made out of pink roses in the shape of a heart.  Of course I did not have my coupon with  me, and I refuse to buy anything full price there.  I figured I would go back the next day or during the week with my coupon and get it.

Today was the first chance I had to get back there, of course.  Having a newborn, especially when nursing, makes it very hard to get out.  And you know what - the wreath was all sold out :(  I was so sad, I really wanted it!

The week between my first visit to Michael's when I saw the wreath and my visit today, I started thinking of projects I could do.  I decided somehow that I wanted to make a centerpiece for my dining room table.  Not sure why, since it is always covered in junk and we never use it, but there just isn't enough room in our kitchen for one.  I decided it would have pink roses, hearts, and whatever else I found.

Today I had about an hour and a half to run a few errands.  First, I went in the Dollar Store to buy cards.  I was looking for a card for my mother-in-law and husband, both have birthdays in the next week.  The one I bought for her had lit candles, which reminded me of Adelyn.  I almost got one that had rainbows on it, but I didn't like the wording.  The selection wasn't great this trip, so I didn't find a card I liked for my husband, but I did find one for him for Valentine's Day, and it has one pink rose on the front.  I always check out the thank you cards when I am there, you can't beat the price and we will be needing some for Coen's baptism.  That always reminds me of when I bought the sympathy thank you cards, which were right next to the baby thank you cards.  They  have different ones now, but they have been the same ones the last few trips.  Every time I think about how I wish they would have had those ones when I bought them because I really like them.  But I'm glad I don't need them anymore!

So then I walked about Michael's and everything there seemed to remind me of Adelyn.  Pink roses and flowers, butterflies, a candle holder in the shape of a pink rose, so many little things that said faith, hope, and/or love on them (garden stones, tables, little pots) .  I even found a little Valentine angel.  They  had large storage boxes with roses and butterflies, I almost bought one to put all of Adelyn's things in, but I still am not sure what to do with them - as in combine them into one or keep them as is.  I was looking in the dollar bins while waiting in line and the notecards I picked up had pink roses on them.  I can't explain the feeling, I just know that somehow I felt her presence.  All over that store.

I found so many things I wanted!  I only bought two pink rose bouquets, a little rock with flowers that says hope ( I may put it on  my desk at work, not sure yet), and the Valentine angel that says "love you."  I have lots of vases already from flowers I have received, and somewhere I have little red glass hearts that I want to put in the vase.  I'm not sure how this is going to turn out, hopefully how I see it in my head.  I really haven't a clue how I am going to find time to make this though!

And here I go again, starting another project before finishing the other 100 I have!  I do seem to finish my Adelyn projects though, once I have an idea in my head for her I won't stop until it turns out just like I want it.  I guess since I can't do anything else for her, it's kind of my way of "parenting" her.

Hopefully I will have pictures of the completed project sometime soon!


Nicole said...

You're amazing. I look forward to seeing the photos.

Melissa said...

I look forward to seeing the finished product. :) FYI - Target has dollar greeting cards too.

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