Thursday, July 25, 2013

July Updates

July is almost over - time sure flies when you are having fun. 

What have we been up to?

Last week was really hot, so we went swimming a lot.  Trevor was in between jobs, so he took a week off but we didn't go anywhere.  I am really bummed we didn't, but we didn't plan anything because we weren't sure he would actually get time off.  Then once we knew he could take off, it was about a month beforehand.  We just couldn't agree on where to go, find a place that suited him (he didn't want to stay in a hotel because he says that's no  fun and too crowded, he wanted a cabin but  most of them were for like 10 people and he didn't want to go with anyone else - he is so frustrating).   Plus with the job switch, most of the week was unpaid and he wasn't sure when his next paycheck would come.  So we had a staycation.  We had planned to take the kids to an amusement park, it was princess week.  But the day before we decided 95 was too hot for that, and opted for an inside Children's Museum.  A good choice I think.  We will do the amusement park another day.

This week the weather has been perfect, which is great but frustrating that Trevor wasn't off this week!

Sierra is growing up so much lately.  She is happy to be outside with her friends and is pretty independent about being there without me.  Which is nice, I can get some things done inside when Coen naps.  She loves Sofia the First on TV, watches the episodes over and over and plays for hours with the little figurines.  The Winx Club just started showing episodes on TV again after a too-long- for-us hiatus, so she's been into that again.  She has also been playing "mom and dad" with her friends outside.  Her baby doll Rosie is still very much her favorite doll.  She loves wearing her matching PJs to bed.  She always brings Rosie outside to push in her double stroller or play house with.  I wish she would play with a baby she didn't love so much because I fear Rosie will break or get ruined and that would be bad!  Sierra also loves those popular Beanie Boos, we got her one on her dance recital day.  We took her to see her first movie in the theater last week, Despicable Me 2.  We originally wanted to see Monsters University, but upon arrival at the theater they told us the a/c was out and it had been 90 all week.  No discounts, no thank you.  So we had to rearrange the whole thing and switch movies and theaters to make it work, but it did.  We had popcorn for dinner!  Coen spent some one-on-one time with Meemaw and Pappy, so we could have a movie date with our biggest.  Sierra is starting to get a big girl attitude, which I hear only gets worse once they go to school.  And she finally seems to be getting the hang of staying dry all night, although not completely there she is mostly there.  About frigging time!  She is still very much a mommy's girl and likes to do what I do.  She takes showers almost by herself now, just needs help with her hair.  I'm liking the nice balance at this age of independence, yet still needing mommy and thinking I am the coolest person on Earth.

Coen is growing up too fast too.  He is starting to say more, sometimes puts two words together (mommy's shoes, big truck).  He still likes trains, and anytime we go somewhere with a train table he screams when you take him away.  He now loves trucks, and carries one in each hand.  We already had 2 break, so I got him some meant for smaller kids and hope they last till his birthday!  Anytime music comes on, he still stop and dance.  He has started calling me "mommy" now (instead of mama) and he says the dog's name right too.  Anytime we pass a truck on the road, he gets so excited and says "whoa! truck!" Or if he hears a motorcycle, he yells "bike!"  Anything loud is a bike to him.  Such a boy. He is happily still in his crib and hasn't tried to escape yet (thankfully).  And he is still rear facing in  his car seat.  It is getting hard to get him in and out, but so much safer that way.  I plan to switch him when we buy a new seat in the next few months, since his expires in Dec.  No sense taking it out and switching it then buying a new seat a few months later.  I hate taking carseats out - a guaranteed argument with the hubs. He likes to do whatever Sierra does.  He watched her play with the Sofia the First figures, so he started carrying them around too.  I told her to go brush her teeth, and checked on her minutes later and he was standing next to her brushing his teeth too.  If she climbs up the slide instead of down, next thing I know he is doing it!  If she screams, he screams.  Coen still likes to eat his junk food, but has started getting more picky about other foods.  He is hit or miss, sometimes he eats nonstop, other times he barely eats.  I tried peanbut butter and jelly but he doesn't seem to care for it, which makes eating on the run or at the pool difficult.  He wouldn't eat a cheese sandwich either.  Coen knows body parts and follows directions pretty well (when he wants to).  He is very ticklish under his chin too.  He has no interest in the potty yet, which is perfectly fine by me because I am not ready to go there again after our last experience.   It scarred me. Coen cut a few more teeth this summer, he now has 11.  The good thing about late teeth seems to be that he isn't bothered by them, just like Sierra.  If I didn't see them coming in, I wouldn't know.  Some kids seem to be awful when they get their teeth in.  Coen loves TV and will pretty much watch anything that is on (just like Sierra).   His favorites now are Chuggington, Chuck and Friends, Mighty Machines on netflix, and even sits with Sierra and watches Sofia the First!

That's all for now.  Not anything exciting, just mostly me writing stuff down to remember!