Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Second or Third?

I had a bunch of different posts going through my head today.  But then I went to post something on Facebook and it got me thinking.  Not the first time I have had these thoughts, but I had to stop and think of how I worded something.

I was uploading pictures to Snapfish because they  had a 25% off plus free shipping offer, which is great.  I wanted to try to upload all of Coen's pictures to date - basically his first three months worth.  I was always behind for Sierra.  I think I tried to finish before Adelyn was born, and mostly did, but then decided to do something different with the albums when I was "nesting" before Coen was born and got a bit further with printing out pictures.  I was on a roll, but had to stop ordering them since we were down to one income. 

The sale ends tonight, and there is NO way I can upload all of Coen's pictures.  Because I have over 300 just from his first month!

Most people always say parents take more pictures of their first born.  So I was going to write that whoever said parents take less pictures of their second child must be wrong, because I have over 300 of just Coen's first month.  And then I stopped - wait - he's not  my second child, but he is only the second child I got to experience bringing home and photographing.  How do I word this?  So confusing........

I changed the wording to "second or third child" and added a comment underneath about it.  It comes up a LOT in casual conversation - "my first walked at this age, my second was way earlier...."   or "the second one grows up faster and does things sooner because he watches the first one do it."   You see where it's going.  What do I say?  My first and my third?  Or do I just refer to Coen as my second because he WILL be the second one to do all these things, even though he is my third born.  I really don't know.  There have been a few times that I just said nothing because I didn't know what to say.  I think we were talking about how much faster your labor/pushing is with your second.  Mine wasn't really, I mean the labor was faster but the pushing sucked.  Again, I feel a bit uncomfortable talking about Adelyn's delivery, who wants to be reminded that babies die during it?  Coen practically fell out because he was my third..........but I didn't say that.  I said nothing and felt uncomfortable.

I thought this was supposed to get easier???


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