Sunday, October 14, 2012

Capture Your Grief Days 13 and 14

Getting a little behind....busy, busy weekend.  Sometimes life is TOO busy and I feel like I don't get to do the fun things I want to do.  It was beautiful weather this weekend and all I wanted to do was take the kids to a pumpkin patch.  Last year we never went because Coen was a newborn.  Fingers crossed we make it there next weekend.

Day 13. Signs - I don't have a picture for this, but it's a story that gives me chills still to this day.  Septebmer 13, 2010 was the day I found out Adelyn was breech. September 13, 2011 was the day I found out Coen was no longer breech (he had been the whole pregnancy to that point).  Well, one of my friends whose daughter was born and died at the same hospital as Adelyn exactly two weeks later, was visiting her daughter's grave Septebmer 13, 2011 (because she was born on the 13th of October).  As she was sitting there, she was talking to her Addie, asking her to please let Adelyn's little brother flip (because she knew how much stress it was causing me and how much I wanted a natural birth).  As she was praying/talking to her, a butterfly flew by and a random breeze blew.  That had to be a sign from our girls....

Day 14. Community -

This is the program and little booties we got from the first holiday ceremony we attended.  It was the first time I went back into the hospital where Adelyn was born - and also the first time I smelled the soap there and realized that it reminded me of my stay there.


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