Sunday, October 7, 2012

Capture Your Grief Day 7

Day 7. What To Say  - I'm going to share what to say to me now.

"I saw this and it made me think of Adelyn."

A friend of mine posted this on my wall on Facebook and said she thought of me.  It is a beautiful picture, with the mountains of Albuquerque where we used to live in the background.

I love when people tell me that something reminds them of Adelyn - whether it be a rainbow, a butterfly, a pretty pink flower or a pink sunset.  I love knowing she isn't forgotten, and when someone tells me exactly what made them think of her, I know they really did think of her.  The picture of it is an added bonus.

Something else that was said to me recently:
"As we were on the beach today Max was drawing with a stick, and I was thinking about this big boy growing in front of my eyes. When he changes, and grows, I think of you and Adelyn often. I think of you and your gorgeous children, the ones you get to hold in your arms, and the one you get to hold in your heart. We remember. Love you!"

Attached to the message was this:

Little things like this, really make the day of someone who has lost a baby.  A simple act, means so much.  These are just 2 recent examples that happen to have pictures to go along with them.


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