Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Capture Your Grief Day 3

Day 3. After Loss Self Portrait

This is tough.  I have searched and searched and there are VERY few pictures of me.  Partly because I am always the one taking the pictures.  Mostly because I flat out refused to have my picture taken.  I remember being at my grandfather's birthday about 6 weeks after Adelyn died and my aunt tried to take a picture of me.  I told her to please not take any pictures of me because I did not want to remember the worst time of my life.   She gave me a sad look, but didn't try to take my picture again.  I remember that being a very hard day for me and I was on the verge of tears the whole day and cried myself to sleep that night.

Anyway, I chose this picture:

This is the first picture I have of the "new me."  That's the only reason I picked it.  I don't really  have any that capture my pain, and it's probably better that way.  I'd rather not remember it.


KnottedFingers said...

That is a beautiful photo! Thank you for sharing sweetheart <3

Melissa said...

Funny that we both posted family Christmas pictures. :)

KrystalK said...

That is how I felt about pictures too. I took a million that day before I found one that didnt look, "grief stricken" I can so easly see the pain in my brow or the "fake" smile and the pain behind it. I really dont like pictures even to this day, almost 2 years after. That is a really nice picture however Lisa, and thanks for sharing it <3

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