Friday, October 5, 2012

Capture Your Grief Day 5

Day 5. Memorial - This one is easy for me.  Since we didn't bury Adelyn, I feel like I don't have a place to "go to" to be with her, a place to decorate for the seasons.  I knew we wanted to cremate her without thinking twice, I couldn't bear the thought of leaving her alone in a cemetary.  What I didn't realize was that there is a baby section in cemetaries.  To be so naive again......

I do wish sometimes that I had buried her so I could go there and "mother her" by making her grave look nice.  I have to find some way to mother her from earth.

Pink flowers have always reminded me of Adelyn, so I decided to plant some flowers for her.  It became Adelyn's Garden and I LOVE it.

Sierra and Coen on Adelyn's 2nd birthday, with her new garden flag
I had to get this hope rock when I found it last year - perfect

In the beginning

One year later - spring 2012
Lillies blooming
Pink heaven lily

Sierra and Coen in front of the mum we planted on Adelyn's first birthday - it's huge now!
As you can see, all the plants grew so much since spring!
Angel holding a butterfly statue we bought on her first birthday, the small rose bush behind it is the one that we bought right after she died and was on the altar at her funeral, and the "faith hope love" stakes I found last fall when I was pregnant with Coen
Two gifts from my cousin - solar butterfly lights and a hope angel wind chime



Melissa said...

Such a beautiful garden! Those mums are huge and the lilies are gorgeous!

I should have saved the necklaces for the jewellery post but I didn't look ahead, oops! :)

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