Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Capture Your Grief Day 23

Day 23. Their Name/Their Photo - I just had this sketch done right before Adelyn's first birthday.  If you read my post yesterday, you can kind of see it there, but here is the image of the sketch.  I saw this before the actual sketch, and as soon as I opened it, I immediately saw Sierra.  Adelyn looked SO much like her. What struck me the most about this drawing, was her mouth.  In the 4 photos we took of Adelyn right after she died, she has that dreadful breathing tube in her mouth.  It looks awful, like death.  In the photos we took at the funeral home a few days later and after her autopsy, where at least she is dressed and without the tube, she looks different, her face is swollen and her lips look dead, fake, I don't know.  So I sent the person a couple different pictures to use to create this sketch.  And without ever seeing our oldest daughter, it's like she drew her mouth on Adelyn.  I'm sure that is exactly what Adelyn's mouth looked like, beneath the tube, because she looks so much like her big sister.  Sometimes Sierra makes an expression and I see the few images of Adelyn I have in my head flash.

Here is the sketch:

This is the only "picture" I have of her that I don't hate.  I can finally see her with a bow, as she would have always worn, and her little sister onesie that she never got to wear (even though it was in my  hospital bag that was there with me).


car said...

It's beautiful.I can totally see Sierra in Adelyn and I've only ever seen pictures of Sierra.

I feel the same way about the pictures we have of Reid. The breathing tube is so horrible.

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