Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I think I am still recovering from it. Despite being off all week, I have yet to find time to get much done.  I guess we have been too busy playing with all the toys Sierra got!  It is ridiculous - I think we need an addition to our house to fit them all.  She got some good stuff though, just about everything *I* wanted for her.  I say *I* because she probably would have been happy with just the changing table she asked Santa for over and over.  Funny thing is, it's probably the one she has played with the least.  I figured that would happen, good thing I found it on Craigslist!

Sierra also got a huge doll house with all kinds of furniture and accessories.  Little pieces EVERYWHERE!  It's funny because the crib in it plays a lullaby and I hear that all the time.  I knew she would love it because it comes with twins - a boy and a girl - and there are pink and blue things for them.

Coen got some socks, a bib, an outfit and a few books.  I rewrapped some blocks of Sierra's because she had told Santa that he wanted those - no need to buy more baby toys, we have too many as it is.  He also got her Baby Einstein DVDs and some "Baby's 1st Christmas" books that she got for her first Christmas.  I tried to be economical, and she didn't notice!  Neither did Coen, he just sat in his bouncy seat and watched The Christmas Story while Sierra opened his presents!

Then we headed to my parents' house for brunch.  Sierra got lots of goodies there - a Leapster (which she LOVES), a couple board games, a cash register and play phone, lots of books and some little stuff.  Her favorite was the Strawberry Shortcake clubhouse from my aunt - when she opened it she said "It's just what I wanted!" and wanted it to be opened up right away!  She also got a sled, a Rapunzel mini play set, and two Dollie and Me matching outfits from my brother.
Coen slept through the entire thing!  He got a few toys, a baby's first Christmas ornament - not too bad.  Next year when he starts getting toys is when we may have to take two cars to fit it all in!

Sierra didn't nap and had a near meltdown before we left to go to my in-law's.  Sierra got more stuff there, including the Rapunzel tower, an easel, Hi Ho Cherry-O (which we have had fun playing together) and another Strawberry Shortcake play set (a different one - no duplicates this year).  Coen got a bath seat and towel - things he needed.  I can't wait until he sits up so we can use it in the tub and not have to do two baths!

Adelyn even got some presents - a pink butterfly ornament from my mom, an angel that says "When a child is born, the angels sing" from my sister-in-law and brother - that one I think I will put on our tree, not Adelyn's because it sort of reminds me of both Coen and Adelyn - like the angels (including Adelyn and all her heavenly friends) sung when Coen made it here safe and sound - and an angel with the September birthstone from my aunt. On Christmas Eve we got a silver sparkly "A" from my cousins and a bunch of pink butterflies from another cousin. Those are the two cousins who texted me daily right after Adelyn died and throughout my difficult pregnancy with Coen.

I got an iPad!!  We had been thinking about it before Coen was born, so I could use it in the hospital and at home when all I did was sit and feed.  It would have been nice to have in those early weeks, it definitely would have helped entertain Sierra better than TV, but oh well.  We tried to find a used one, but most were scams so we didn't get it.  Plus our car needed new tires and that is way more important.  I'm glad to have it, and glad the bill will come after I get another full paycheck :)  I feel like it gives me more time.  I know I spend too much time on the Internet and Facebook, but I can't help it.  Now I can go online while I nurse Coen or while I am downstairs watching Sierra play.  I feel like I have already had enough time on the computer by the time they go to bed, so I can relax.  And I like playing games with Sierra on it.  Between the iPad, her Leapster and the board games she received, I feel like we have actually spent a little more quality time together lately.  That is much needed, as Mommy guilt was getting to me.  I am always so busy with Coen or general household chores that have to get done, that I was really missing my quality Sierra time.  I felt like all I was doing was correcting her and punishing her for misbehaving.  It's so hard to balance it all.

All in all, it was a good Christmas.  But I was still aware that someone was missing.  A few times I tried to imagine what it would be like if Adelyn was here.  Our house would really be exploding with baby dolls and pink.  It was around that same age that Sierra really started getting into dolls.  Who knows, though - Adelyn could have been completely the opposite.

We missed Adelyn just as much this year as last year.  There were really only two things that made the whole season lighter on our hearts - knowing she had a magical Christmas in Heaven with all her friends, who must be wonderful if they are anything like their mommies I have met - and of course having Coen here this year helped a ton.
Coen's First Christmas - I can't believe it's over already. Time is going too fast.....


Melissa said...

My Lorelei opened every present and said, "It's just what I wanted!" My mother thought she was just the most polite little girl! haha

I'm glad Christmas good to you. It was to me too even if it's always blaringly obvious to us that someone will always be missing.

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