Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Decorations

I love finding new ways to include Adelyn in our home.  Last Christmas, I bought a lighted angel and hung it in the window of her room to symbolize her.  Everyone who saw it, knew what it was for.  I put it up again this year.

I also bought a pink Christmas tree that I planned to fill with ornaments.  This year, a friend came over to meet Coen and brought 3 gift bags.  A big one for Coen and two little ones.  I assumed one little one was for Sierra, and I was right.  I wasn't sure what the second little bag was for, until she handed it to me and said, "This is for Adelyn."  I think my heart almost jumped out of my chest, it was so happy.  That little gesture seriously made my day.  I made sure to tell her that too.  Definitely she is one of those friends I can always talk to about Adelyn, who always asks, and who I feel I have become closer to because of.  I learned that her father was a funeral director, which explains a lot.  Anway, she gave us a little angel ornament that changes colors and is really cool.  Sierra loved it and pretended it was a candle.  Ha ha.  This was awhile back, but I forgot to write about it - but it deserves mentioning because it was the best surprise to get a gift for Adelyn.

Sierra hanging the little sister ornament on Adelyn's tree.
 Back to my post - that ornament got me shopping and I found a few additions for her tree this year.  An ornament that says middle child - finding this really made me happy.  Another ornament I found was a one that said little sister.  I think I will always consider her a little sister.  I know she is also a big sister, but I don't know how to explain it.  I guess because the only image I will ever have of her is as a baby. 
I also found an angel that says hope on it, and my cousin bought me a larger angel that also says hope.  In one of my many trips to Michael's, I found two pink sparkly butterflies so I got those for her tree also.  I'm really liking how it looks.  Just yesterday we got another angel ornament from a friend - again it made me happy because there was something for all 3 of my kids in her gift.

I love this picture because I feel like all 3 of my kids are in it.
 I love finding new, different ways to include Adelyn in our decorations. Last year I debated on whether or not to hang a stocking for Adelyn.  I wanted to include her, for people to remember her, but it didn't seem right to hang a stocking for someone who died.  I saw some craft ideas from the 12 Days of Christmas with you in Heaven blog posts, and I really liked one.  I modified it, and I LOVE how it came out:
Adelyn's Christmas Candle
I love that it is sparkly and has her name so everyone who sees it knows what/who it is for.  I love that I found a stocking that says hope - I originally bought it as an ornament for her tree, but I used it on the candle instead.  Perfect!

I loved hanging a fourth stocking this year!
And yes our pets have stockings too - they are part of our family!

Sierra in front of our Christmas tree


KnottedFingers said...

I love that you have a pink tree for Adelyn! We got a blue one for Calypso!

You have gorgeous babies and decorations <3 <3

Melissa said...

I am also looking for ways to include Charlotte into our Christmas. Last year I bought a stocking but didn't hang it. This year it's we hung it up. I've also asked our immediate families to buy ornaments and next year we plan to get a small tree like yours for Charlotte. I love Adelyn's Christmas candle. I'll have to search for that website you mentioned to get more ideas.

Lisa said...

Melissa, it's Small Bird Studio - here is the website:

car said...

Merry Christmas, Lisa. The pink tree and the candle for Adelyn are beautiful. I'm glad you found ways to include Adelyn that bring her closer to you at Christmas.

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