Sunday, December 4, 2011

O, Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas tree today.  It was fun.  We got to ride a tractor and walk around.  Coen slept the whole time in the Moby Wrap.  I'm still figuring it out and I don't think he was in it quite right, but he was happy.

The tree is up but not decorated yet.  I will get it done before I go back to work.

Here's some family pictures from our tree shopping.

Speaking of Christmas, I didn't get around to writing this yet.  We were at our neighbor's house on Thursday making bows again - Sierra needed a new one for Christmas pictures!  They were in the midst of getting out their Christmas decorations also and had a Playmobil nativity set.  The kids were playing/fighting over it while we were finishing up.  It was an interesting conversation, but it made both of us stop and laugh.  Especially when we heard, "But God is a boy!!"  Ha ha.  Then they started talking about Jesus and Sierra mentioned that "That's where my baby sister is - with Jesus!  She takes a bath with him and eats with him, too."  I guess she must have asked about that stuff and we told her that Adelyn does those things in Heaven (or up in the sky as Sierra says).  It was kind of peaceful thinking of it that way.  It was also one of those moments where I felt to proud of our biggest for being such a good big sister to Adelyn.  But it also made me sad that she has to talk about her sister in Heaven.  Sometimes I wonder what the other kids think, and worry that as she gets older they might make fun of her or think she is telling stories.  I think that it is one thing I might have to make sure her teacher knows about in case it comes up.  I wish I didn't have to think about these things......


Sarah said...

I always used to wonder what kids thought too. I often think back to when I was younger and would talk about Kattie who died when I was 4. I have flashbacks of telling other kids that my big sister was in heaven playing with all the other angels and having a good time, sine that's what my dad told me and to this day I still believe it. It didn't bother me that I told other kids about her and I never got made fun of for it ( at least not that I know of)

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