Monday, December 5, 2011


Yesterday I had a much needed girls' day with Sierra.  I feel like I haven't been able to enjoy her as much since Coen arrived because I am always so busy with him, and because I feel like I am constantly on her case to give both me and him some space -she is always in his face!

We went to see a play based on the Pinkalicious book series with some neighbors and friends.  Before the play, Sierra's best friend's mommy had a little tea party and lunch for the girls.  Sierra was SO excited to see her best friend - they used to go to the same baby-sitter but Sierra has been home with me this school year so far and her best friend's mom took a year off after having a baby in the spring. So they have been missing each other!

I think there were about 14 little girls at the tea party - wow!  It was so cute to watch Sierra and Lilly.  At one point, they went in the bathroom together to go potty and refused help from anyone.  I had to laugh and think to myself - "it starts already!"  They were even already asking about sleepovers!
How cute are they?
I'm so glad my daughter already has a best friend at 3.5!  And happy that her best friend is just as crazy about her!

At the tea party, I went to check on them and they were playing in Lilly's bedroom.  She shares it with her big sister.  That room is jam packed with "sister" stuff - pictures, picture frames - you name it.  I noticed it probably more than anyone else would.  It hurt - made me sad for Sierra that she doesn't get to experience that.  I was so excited for that stuff.

The other thing that is hard for me is that Sierra's best friend also has a little sister who is 6 months younger than what Adelyn would have been.  I always imagined that the two of them would have been best friends like their big sisters.

I guess I am thankful that I can now think about these things and be ok - not be reduced to tears like I was from the moment I heard that baby was a girl until she was a few months old.  I think Coen played a big role in that.

The play was funny and entertaining - both the play itself and listening to Sierra and Lilly giggle and talk during it.  So cute!
They even got to dance on the stage afterwards!

As much as some things still hurt, I am very thankful that I have a little girl to do all these girly things with.  Life would be much more difficult if I didn't.


TanaLee Davis said...

Cute to see the girls love each other so much at such young ages.

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