Friday, December 9, 2011

Back To Work

Wow......what a difference a year makes.  Going back to work this time was so completely different than last time.  I got to hear happy congratulations and talk about my baby to people I hadn't seen yet, instead of deal with awkward looks of sympathy.  My sub this time totally rocked - we got to have a shadow day and go over where things stood so that I am pretty much in the loop.  Last year my sub was awkward, uncomfortable - not sure if it was the situation or if that just made it worse.  I actually denied the shadow day last year because it was just that bad - and I felt like I needed my space.

I had been telling everyone that ideally, this was what would happen - Coen would sleep all night, I would get up at 5 and pump, shower, eat breakfast, get dressed and ready, wake him up, and then nurse him at 6:30.  Trevor would get Sierra ready then one of us would take them over to the baby-sitter's house.  I hoped Coen would eat again at around 9:30 and 12:30 and be ready to eat when I got home around 3:30 so I could nurse him again.  I figured it wouldn't happen, but it was my plan to get on this schedule.  I figured once he started regularly sleeping through the night, it should work out.

Would you believe that today went EXACTLY as I wrote?  Coen slept from 9:30-6:30 when I woke him up!  The only glitch was right after I fed him, he spit up all over me.  One of the joys of breastfeeding is that it didn't leave a stain or stink, so I wiped it up and ran out the door.  Gross I know, but if you knew how hard it is right now to find a flattering shirt, you'd understand.  I cannot be late for work and changing my shirt may have made me late!

So we had a good day.  It was hard to focus on work when all I could really think about were my kids and wondering what I was missing.  I think next week when I have to do all the therapy (I let my sub do it today and I watched which is boring, but I wanted to see what all the kid were working on) it will keep me busy and focused and make the day go by faster.

I'm exhausted so that's all I have for tonight!


TanaLee Davis said...

Its nice to hear that your first day back went well. Hugs lisa, you deserved a good day. Rest up-

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