Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's in a Name?

Let's start with the positives for today:
-Sierra seemed to be back to her old self. She even got a sticker today! And she earned her favorite doll Rosie back.
-Ultrasound went well. Baby is full term today and weighs 6 lbs 8 oz, on track to be 7 lbs 13 oz at term (which I won't make it to). Still head down and doing very well on the biophysical profile.
Not sure if this is a positive or just a funny story to share, but Sierra came with me today and during the whole scan she was saying she had a baby in her belly also. Hers is a girl baby named Isabella. Then tonight she was telling me where the baby in her belly's feet were and that it was hard for her to move around because of the baby in her belly. Oh my, she does NOT miss a thing!

And on to the rest of the day and the title of the post. So we were actually discussing names tonight. We have procrastinated each and every time! Sierra was easy - we both liked the name Brayden for a boy but Trevor liked Hayden better. I was fine with either and so she was going to be Hayden Michael. I'm not sure that Trevor ever came up with a girl name, he had a hard time with it. I also did, but for some reason the whole pregnancy she just felt like a SHE whose name was Sierra. When I first suggested it, Trevor didn't veto it but didn't admit he liked it. Until a few days before she was due, and I was like Hello this baby needs a name!! And he said Hayden for a boy and Sierra for a girl. Sierra means mountain in Spanish, and it just fit since we found out I was pregnant right before we moved from Albuquerque. And I had always wanted her middle name to be Ashley after her dad (I know I think it's an awful name for a boy but love it for a girl).

So on to Adelyn. You would think it would have been easier since we knew she was a girl - but I had a bunch of boy names I liked and no girl names! I think we didn't have her full name picked until maybe the day before she was born - and she was a week late! I wanted to name her Savannah Adelyn. I just thought Sierra and Savannah would be so cute for sisters, and then they would have the same initials as well. I liked Adelyn but worried it sounded too much like Madelyn and that it would become trendy. Trevor didn't like Savannah at all but suggested Adelena, which I really like but I was worried people would call her Lena and that is jokingly my brother's nickname. So we decided on Adelyn for her first name and then the middle name became an issue! I wanted something that meant something to us, not just a random name. At first I thought maybe I should give her Marie as her middle name, since Sierra has Trevor's middle name she should have mine. But I do not like that middle name, it's so common and generic and seems like it is what people pick when they can't think of anything better? Then I wanted something after my mom, but Adelyn Susan didn't sound good. I always wanted to use Michael as a middle name for a boy, because I like it and it's my brother's name and Trevor's brother's middle name. But with two girls, thought I never would get to use it. So when I went into labor on my brother's wedding anniversary, it sealed the deal and we went with Michaela.

So now on to baby #3. Discussing names tonight just really made me sad. It took me back to those last days of Adelyn's pregnancy and how hard it was to come up with her name. And it made me ANGRY that after so much effort and thought was put into it, we chose a name I LOVE and I rarely get to hear it used. It was like a flashback of sorts - it just made me miss her SO much.

And we still have no names. I guess I've had a certain name in my heart for this baby, sort of like it was with Sierra, she was just always a SHE named Sierra. And this baby has always been a HE named ........ I won't say but maybe you will find out in two weeks if my instinct is correct and I can get Trevor to agree to that name.


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