Friday, September 23, 2011

September 22

It officially over. Adelyn's due date last year. I still have to wonder if she would have been born by then, if she would be here right now. But, the shoulda/woulda/coulda's get me nowhere and it's not how it happened.

Today was uneventful. I was in a crummy mood for most of it. Sierra has been very trying lately, especially when it comes to the potty. She seems to fight everything I ask her to do, even down to putting on her shoes or standing still so I can comb her hair. Ahhh. I need a mommy vacation, but at the same time I cannot bear to be away from her. I'm not sure I am cut out to be a stay-at-home mom after all. Good thing that's not an option for me.

Hoping tomorrow is better. I have a dr. appointment so hopefully we will figure out more of the plan. In the meantime, I am SO uncomfortable. I feel like I could explode. I have to wonder how the heck I went 3.5 more weeks past the point I am in right now with Adelyn. I'm also at the point where I don't really sleep - hence why I am still up right now.


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