Saturday, September 24, 2011

September 29

It's coming - quickly. And it seems to be haunting me. Everywhere I look, there it is.

At my doctor appointment yesterday, we were trying to figure out some important appointments and such. When discussing my next appointment, the dr. said she was off Friday next week but was at the office I usually go to on Thursday. We both kinda stopped and were like - nope, might not be such a good idea to have an appointment on September 29th. I do love that my dr. actually knows what that date means. I guess sometimes I forget how much it must have affected her as well.

When I buy things like milk, eggs, yogurt, bread, etc. I always check the "sell by" or "use by" dates and try to buy the one that expires the latest. When I was buying my milk, most of them had September 29th as the date on them (I think this was the last time I bought milk, not yesterday). Of course I looked until I found one with a different date. Yesterday, every single loaf of bread I picked up was marked September 29th so I had no choice. And today when I gave Sierra her yogurt, I checked the date like usual and it was September 29th. Ahhhh. Seriously?

I remember last year when I went back to work and logged into IEP Writer (which is what we use to write all the reports on all the students we see). One of my Kindergarten kids was born on September 29th. I remember thinking, great, I get to look at that birthday every time I log in for the next 4 years, since he's likely to be a student I see for awhile.

I know that September 29th is the day I got to meet Adelyn, so it shouldn't be such a BAD day. But it is the date that changed my life forever and there are so many sad memories attached to it. I can't imagine that I will ever see that date and not get a sick feeling in my stomach or something.


car said...

I did the same thing with things that had April 3 best before dates. For months I would even avoid milk that expired on the 3rd of the month. Not wanting any extra reminders of the day your baby died seems perfectly normal to me.

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