Sunday, September 18, 2011

What a Waste

We never went on vacation this summer, so we decided to try a weekend trip. We were going to go in August, but somehow that month came and went before we got a chance. There are really only 2 weeks out of every month hubby can take off due to his work schedule. So we decided since I would be off in September, we could go then and it would be less crowded and maybe even cheaper.

We were going to leave Friday morning, but then pushed it back until after lunch because I was invited to lunch with work friends and I really wanted to see one of my favorite co-workers new baby boy. Plus I keep telling her that we are arranging a marriage between Sierra and her older son, since 1. he's adorable and 2. his last name is the same as my maiden name, but no relation. How cool would it be for Sierra to have my maiden name someday?! So anyway, we had a nice time until the kids pushed the baby gate and it let loose. We didn't realize it until I heard Sierra screaming. She had tumbled down the steps and was bleeding. I was SO freaked out, I ran down to grab her and almost started crying myself. She was fine, just scared, and ended up with a beat up nose. I think I did a pretty good job controlling myself despite being a complete wreck over a tiny bit of blood. I swear lately I have become more and more overprotective of her. When she is playing outside at the neighbors, I often freak out inside evey time I car passes, thinking it is going to hit her and I am going to lose her, too.

Back to the trip -hubby was NOT happy that I ended up staying longer than I planned at the lunch date. So the trip started off bad. We got there and checked in - the cabin wasn't too bad. Small, but clean. We then got dinner and some groceries. We had a fire and then it was time to bed. We could not find heat and the temperature went down to the 40s. The website said the cabins had heat, so I didn't pack extra blankets or anything. The futon we slept on was horrible and hurt my back. Sierra kept waking up, hubby was freezing. None of us got much sleep.

The next morning I woke up grumpy as ever. I was just feeling so anxious and uncomfortable that I could not enjoy the trip. Add the no heat into the mix, and we decided to leave early. Good thing the place was only 2.5 hours away. All that packing for one day, and it wasn't even fun. Sigh.

So, we are home. Our dog is also home now. I am so overly emotional that I almost cried when my dad drove off with him on Thursday afternoon. This house without a dog is WAY too quiet. After all, this dog has been through it ALL with me. This is the dog who stopped sleeping on our bed at some point - but last October, he started again. He knew I needed him. As much as my parents spoiled him, I think he's glad to be home too.


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