Monday, November 14, 2011


Darn you Zulily.  Not only do you tempt me EVERY day with cute kid stuff - which I have resisted so far, but today you made me sad.  I've gotten accustomed to all the big sister/little sister matching stuff I can never use.  And it is EVERYWHERE!!

Lately I have gotten even more into hairbows.  Partly because now I know Sierra is the only one I will get to have fun with girly stuff, so I am going to go all out while I can.  Partly because my nieghbor taught me how to make bows and it was fun and easy and cheaper than buying them.

Never expected the combination of bows and big sister/little sister. But yet, this is what Zulily had today:

Ugh.  I totally would have bought the little sister bow for Adelyn.  If I wasn't so broke right now due to not working, I just might.  For what reason, I don't know.  Maybe because sometimes doing things like that makes me feel better?


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