Monday, November 28, 2011

Some Things to Smile About

I realize my last few posts have been a bit gloomy.  So it's time for a happy post :)

Some things to smile about today:
-Sierra slept till 9!! And so did I!  I'm still tired because the 3 hours at a time of sleep just isn't cutting it.  But sleeping in helps!
-We got out our Christmas decorations!  The one I am most excited about getting out is Adelyn's pink Christmas tree.  Although I was very sad that one of the ornaments I bought for her last year broke :(  For some reason when something of hers breaks, it bothers me WAY more than usual.  Like when the night light someone gave us broke.....
-I went shopping all by myself today!  I was only gone for about 2 hours because I can't leave Coen for much longer than that.  I got a few things crossed off my list though.
-I exchanged the pink scrapbook for a blue/green/yellow one.  I'm not sure if I should smile about this, but it's over with.  The scrapbook colors match Coen's baby book, and that makes me smile.  I like to match, a trait Sierra has inherited.
-I finally caved and let Trevor give Coen his first bottle tonight.  And he did GREAT - no problems!  I was so worried.  And now I will move on to being worried about him not wanting to nurse if he gets too used to bottles while I am work.  Believe me, I will always find something else to worry about.
-I knew I would find a way to coordinate girl/boy outfits :)  Supporting Daddy's alma mater!

And seriously - how cute is this video? I dare you not to smile!


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