Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring and Summer Wardrobes

Tomorrow is the first day of spring, but it feels more like summer around here.  This weather is crazy.  80 degrees in March?!  I will take it, but it caught me off guard.  Last week, it was almost this warm and we did not have the screens in the windows and still had our flannel sheets and down comforters on the beds!  Poor Sierra had no sandals that fit her, and I just can't stand socks and shoes with skirts or shorts.  Sorry, my girl has to look fashionable!

So this past weekend we played catch up - put in the screens, put regular sheets and comforters on our beds, and got new Crocs for Sierra.  She was hilarious in the store picking them out...."no, no, no, YES!"

I just bought Coen a 5 pack of long sleeve white onesies to wear underneath a few things.  Well, guess that was a waste.  I was worried because I think he has about 5 short sleeve outfits in the size he is currently wearing.....I bought 9 months summer clothes because I didn't expect it to be warm yet!  However, I just hit the jackpot tonight and found a whole bin of 3-6 month neutral/boy clothes so he is good to go.  I had most of them from before Sierra, I bought both boy/girl clothes since we didn't know which she was, I was just so excited to shop.  After we found out Adelyn was a girl, I sold or gave away most of the boyish stuff.  And that is another reason why I knew Coen would be a boy!  For some reason I did save this stuff, I think I had sold most of the stuff right before she was born so it wasn't the right season to sell summer clothes.  Then  Adelyn died and we got pregnant again and I thought we might need boy stuff.  My intuition is always right when it comes to that.........

On to my clothing.  If I haven't blogged about this before, most of the buildings I work in do not have air conditioning.  In fact, the one still has the heat blasting.  The custodian could not figure out how to turn it's either hot or cold in that room.  Last year I remember being pregnant, it being 95 degrees out, and we had a meeting in that room with about 15 people....needless to say, it was HOT.  Last week I was uncomfortable in that room already, in March!  So I knew I had to get out some cooler clothes.  This is something I have both been looking forward to and dreading at the same time.  I have not worn spring and summer non maternity clothes since 2009.  Almost 3 years.  The last 2 spring/summers I was pregnant.  It is so bittersweet to not be pregnant anymore, and to know most likely I never will be again.  I haven't worn my clothes in so long, I can't even remember what I have.  As I pulled some things out, I kind of remembered packing them away, when I was happily pregnant with Adelyn, and never bothering to get them back out last year because I was pregnant again.  There are some shirts that are going to be hard to wear, because while they are not maternity shirts, I wore them both times I was pregnant.  Especially with Coen, when I was trying to hide my belly.  I only told select people I work with I was pregnant (until it was obvious when I went back to work for 2 days in , because I was having a hard time and wasn't comfortable being fussed over or talking about it.  I don't like thinking back to that time, it was so difficult and now I would give just about anything to have been able to enjoy my pregnancy with him.  I really wasn't able to, for so many reasons.  Guilt, fear, and sadness to name a few.

I was pleasantly surprised when I realized that some pants actually fit me.  Actually, the 4 pairs I tried on all fit!  Amazing!  I am sure some of the shirts might be too short or tight, especially since I am nursing.  There are shirts with tags on them, that I bought before I found out I was pregnant with Adelyn and never got to wear since because I was always pregnant for short sleeve weather.  I still have major organizing to do for both Sierra and I, but I am just too busy and too tired to get to it just yet. For now, I will have to dig around to find our clothes for the next day.

Happy Spring!


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