Friday, March 23, 2012

Dance Moms

For some reason, the last few days Sierra has been begging me to watch Dance Moms.  I know it's not appropriate for her entirely, but it deals with dancing and she takes dance class.  I know I should wait until she is in bed to watch it, but honestly, if I do that, I will never watch it.  She usually doesn't go to bed until 9:30 ish, and then I usually need to finish some things up and maybe watch 15 minutes of TV before it's so late I have to go to bed. I think some of the older kids at her baby-sitter's house were watching it or talking about it.

As for the real dance moms, the ones at Sierra's dance class....the topic of conversation tonight was childbirth.  Really?  Why can I not escape it?  I'm okay with it sometimes, but then it started going to complications and the "horror stories" of childbirth.  One mom talked about pushing for hours and being fully dilated but ending up with a csection because the baby was stuck.  Another mom was talking about having to have her csections done under general anesthesia because she could feel them cutting her and then had some other complications and hemorraged after the baby was born and some scary stuff.  Although not as scary as what happened to me.  My baby died........theirs lived.

I just never know what to say during these types of conversations.  I just feel SO uncomfortable.  I sometimes talk about Sierra and Coen's birth, but never Adelyn's.  Actually I am not sure if these women know about her or not.  I hesitate to bring up Coen's birth because when people hear that he was two pushes after a few hours of labor, they say how lucky I am.  If only they knew......

Not to change the subject.......but on our way to dance class, Sierra randomly asked me where the houses in the sky were.  I said we can't see them and asked why she was asking.  She said that she wanted to go visit Adelyn but wasn't sure where the houses were because she couldn't see them, so they must be really far away.  Too far, baby........  Then she wanted to know how we get there.  I said we just don't know.  Sierra likes to ask lots of questions, as you can see.  After all those, she had one more, "Mommy, why do I have two here with us and one up in the sky?"

If only we knew the answer to that one.


Melissa said...

Lorelei has asked if we can go see Charlotte too, and she wasn't talking about the cemetery.

I haven't been in your position talking with other acquaintance moms about childbirth. I would like to think I'd talk about it, but I can't be quite sure. I think it'd make them shut up real fast. And if I felt they were trying to play the "who's childbirth was more dramatic?" card then I might do it. I'd be like, "Nope, sorry, you lose!"

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