Wednesday, March 7, 2012


What am I thinking tonight?  I'm thinking about my kids and their big, beautiful blue eyes.  The ones that get comments everywhere we go, or anytime I show anyone a picture of either of them.

I think Coen is a little over 4 months in this picture. He looks like he is flirting, giving the big puppy eyes!

Sierra at 5 months, one of my all time favorite pictures of her! You can really see how blue her eyes are.

Tonight, I am just thinking, wondering, what Adelyn's eyes looked like. We never got to see them.  I'm going to guess she did have the same eyes, since all three of my babies looked so much alike.  And that is both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because that would mean even though I never saw her eyes, I get a glimpse of what they would be like when I look into Sierra or Coen's eyes.  But it's so sad to think that eyes that beautiful, never got to be seen.


crystal said...

Beautiful babies :)

Zarah said...

I remember when we had Giovanna I needed to know what color her eyes were so the nurse checked for me then before we let her go I was holding her in my arms and rubbing her face and she opened them. She had the biggest brown eyes...all of my kids have blue except my youngest son his are brown too. I can't tell you how glad I was when Gabriella opened hers and they weren't brown. Btw...ur babies are beautiful!

Lisa said...

I do know from her autopsy that Adelyn's eyes were also blue...but I thought all babies had blue eyes. Guess not!

And thank you, we think they are cute too!

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