Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Little Push

Sometimes you just need a little push to do things.

As I've written before, the outfit Adelyn was going to wear to come home in, a little pink onesie with a tutu skirt attached, has been haning in the nursery since I was able to unpack my bags and go in there.  When I was preparing for Coen, I felt SO guilty and just could not bring myself to put her outfit away.  I felt like if I did, it meant I was "moving on" or forgetting her.  Even though I know I could never do that.  After discussion, I decided to just leave it hanging there, a little piece of Adelyn in the room.  I figured Coen wouldn't bother it, and I would move it when I was ready.

Lately I have been thinking maybe it's time to move the outfit.  Sometimes looking at it just makes me sad.  But I wasn't sure if I should put it in her's so cute to pack away.  Then it dawned on me when I saw a friend post a picture of her Molly Bear wearing her son's coming home outfit.  Duh!  I had the outfit on my Adelyn bear before, and it fit, but I think I took it off when I put her little sister oneise on to take pictures of Adelyn bear and Sierra in their matching shirts last summer:

Then I took the clothes off Adelyn bear when I took her to the hospital with me when I had Coen.  I thought people may think I was crazy carrying around a teddy bear with clothing.

Not too long ago, Sierra noticed the outfit and wanted to know whose it was.  She thought it was hers, and I told her, no it was Adelyn's.  At first this was enough for her.  Tonight she walked over to the outfit and started trying to sound out what it says...."Ad...e....lyn...mommy is that how you spell Adelyn?"  The shirt says princess on it, so I told her that and she tried to sound it out while pointing to the words.  Prereading skills....yes!

Then she thought out loud...."maybe this will fit Rosie" (her doll).  I didn't want her playing with it, so I said no it will fit Adelyn bear.  So she ran into our room and brought all 8 lbs 5 oz of Adelyn bear in the nursery and started trying to put the outfit on her.  She got it all on herself, except for the snaps!  She dropped Adelyn bear a few times, which made me nervous.  One of her roses on her ears already fell off and I can't sew so it isn't back on yet.  Learning to sew is on my to-do list when I have some free time.

I held Adelyn bear tonight, and loved on her.  So did Sierra:

And so Adelyn's outfit has a perfect place to "be" now, one that I am happy with and that feels right.

Can I just say how much I love my big girl?  She seems to know lately when her mommy needs someone to talk about Adelyn.  Her random mentions of Adelyn make my heart skip a beat, both in happiness to hear her name and sadness that she isn't here.


TanaLee Davis said...


I'm happy to hear you have found a home for that sweet outfit. Touches my heart strings to know that Sierra knows who her sister is and remembers her. hugs-

Melissa said...

This post made me tear up. I'm glad you found a place for the outfit.

Lorelei does the same thing with sounding out words that aren't the words written there. It's cute. :)

I only heard about Molly Bears recently and signed myself up. I hope I get one.

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