Sunday, March 11, 2012

Five Months

Coen is five months old today.  It is going way too fast.  I love this age though - he is starting to show personality and actually does stuff now, but yet he is still little and cuddly and doesn't move around on his own yet!

Coen started rolling over this month.  He first did it at his baby-sitter's house, then he did it this past week when my parents were baby-sitting because his usual baby-sitter was on vacation.  Nights are so crazy during the work week and he is so tired that we never saw it.  I finally saw it last night though, but Trevor still hasn't.

Coen also started going in the exersaucer this month and he LOVES it.  It brings back so many memories of when Sierra was a baby.  The songs and melodies of it came right back to me.

He also started grabbing everything!  He usually gets cranky right at our dinner time, so one of us ends up eating while holding him.  Well, that is getting difficult because he tries to grab the plate or placemat!  He still likes to sit in the Bumbo seat - ours is made by a different company and came with a tray and a toy that fits into the tray.  It spins and he loves it.  He likes to try to pull it out of the tray and eat it, but if he can't or if he drops it, he gets so mad.  He also likes to pick up all the baby toys and put them in his mouth.  And the taggie blankets are a favorite too.  He doesn't like pacifiers but does  like a lovey to put in his mouth, I'm just afraid to let him sleep with it in fear of him suffocating.

Coen's biggest accomplishment this month is this:

Coen is also trying to sit up.  When he we change his diaper now he lifts his head up.  And he pushes up when in the bouncy seat.  He was so close to sitting up for a few seconds at least today:

I'm proud to say that Coen is still exclusively breast fed.  It has taken a lot of work, but when I put my mind to something, I will do it.  He is up to drinking 8 ounces when he does take a bottle when I am at work.  I am sure solids are coming soon, but I am hoping to hold him off for a few more weeks.  He did wake up at 3 am Thursday night and cry for almost an hour before falling back to sleep.  I was thinking maybe that meant he was ready, but then he slept 9 until 8 last night.  I really am not looking forward to solid foods, as it is more work and mess for me!

Today was a good day!  We got some stuff done around here, not nearly everything I wanted to, but some is better than none.  I am going through Sierra's old clothes to take to consignment.  That is so bittersweet, so many memories attached to those little outfits.  I am keeping some of them, but most I have to part with.

We recently got built in bookcases, handmade by my 90 year old grandfather.  Trevor was working on painting them a little bit tonight, so I had bath and bed duty.  I'm awful about getting the kids to bed because I get distracted by playing with them.  I think I got sidetracked first by taking pictures of Coen.  I wanted to take one of him in the same pajamas as Sierra had, sitting in the Bumbo so I could compare them.  I will post them later, because it's crazy how much they still look alike.  I swear I have trouble telling who is who from the pictures.  Anyway, Sierra had been playing in her room and she came in and of course was all in Coen's face.  I should just call on her any time I want a good picture of Coen smiling, because he hears her voice and smiles.  But tonight, he was giggling.  He has done it before, but I was never able to get it on video.  Tonight I did!  It was adorable!

Coen went to bed very easily, but Sierra not so much.  She was taking her baby doll blankets and "wrapping" things from her room to give to us.  Very cute.  Until I picked up what I thought was just a blanket, but it had a book wrapped in it and it fell right on my foot.  Ouch!  She was having so much fun, it's nice that she likes to give people things.  The best part was when she told me she was playing Santa Claus.  I love that girl!

We lose an hour sleep tonight so I better get to bed.  The last thing I need is to lose more sleep!


Melissa said...

The first picture of Coen reminds me of Alexa. As soon as I lay her down to change her diaper her feet go up and her hands grab them. So cute! He's such a great sleeper too, jealous! Although Alexa did sleep through the night twice this week. Baby steps.

car said...

Coen looks so much like Sierra. (As a big sister who looks like her little brother, I can tell you it will drive her nuts when she's a teenager.)
You are a bf-ing rock star for pumping for this long!

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