Sunday, September 16, 2012

Another Adelyn

I have never known anyone named Adelyn before.  Of course, I had heard of the name before I used it - but honestly I really cannot remember how.  I know I loved Madelyn but wanted something different, as Madelyn was super popular.  That's how I decided on Adelyn.

Today we went to a baptism for the first baby girl born into our extended family since Adelyn.  I had a hard time with this baby for a few weeks, and since then I have been fine.  She is the one I bought the bow holder for (this post) and this weekend I remembered how to make bows and made her 2.  I was proud.

Well, we were on our way to her house, when I got a text from my cousin.  She wanted to warn me that the mother of the baby getting baptized has a cousin whose daughter is named Adalyn and she was there.

Great.  I started feeling sick to my stomach.  It's not like I have a copyright to that name, but I wish I did!  I had no clue how old this Adalyn was, but thankfully she was just a baby so no one was calling her name out loud.  I would not have been able to handle that.  I hope everyone else was warned too, because I can only imagine the look on anyone in our family's face if they asked what the baby's name was, only to hear "Adalyn."  It's spelled different, I only know because my other cousin told me. 

I was standing in line to get food, with Sierra dressed in a hot pink tutu with a sparkly pink flower  headband - ultra girly.  Yet, as I looked over and saw the pink cake and pink plates, my heart sank.  I can't explain it - I have a very girly daughter, yet sometimes the sight of pink makes me sad.

It was all just what I needed today, to make me miss her more.


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