Monday, April 9, 2012


This is a holiday where I can truly say "what a difference a year makes" and mean it.

Last year, I remember someone mentioning a baby girl who was born a month or so after Adelyn and that she might come over to visit my aunt's house, where we have Easter.  I was dare them invite her to where I was because I  just couldn't handle it.  I said something and so she did not come over, but stayed next door at her grandparents' house.  However, I saw everyone looking at her from across the fence of my aunt's yard and was almost in tears.  I should have been showing Adelyn off in her little Easter dress, too.

This year, when I found out that same baby girl - well toddler now - wasn't stopping over, I was kinda disappointed.  Mostly because she has a new baby brother who I haven't met yet, but still.  She and her brother are only 13 months apart (same distance as Adelyn and Coen).

Another thing that has changed in a year - the whole meaning behind Easter.  I remember people telling me "One day you will see Adelyn again."  I thought they were crazy - why should that comfort me, when that happens I will be dead.  And hopefully it will be a long way off.

But now, it DOES comfort me.  And I know that if it weren't for Easter - if God hadn't given his only son, to die for us and rise again so that we may have eternal life - I may never see Adelyn again.  This year, I can truly appreciate the meaning of Easter.  I think it may now be my favorite holiday.  It used to be Thanksgiving, because I love the food and the meaning behind it of course.  Tough call.....

Here is a picture of my Easter cuties:
Sierra was not cooperating so most of my pictures she is looking somewhere else or has a goofy look on her face!  About the outfits.....I was so looking forward to matching dresses and outfits from the second I found out Adelyn was a girl.  It's still hard to know I came so close to that, and it will never be (even though I love my little guy so much, hopefully you can understand what I mean).  I decided I would find a way to coordinate boy/girl outfits for pictures or special occassions.  It's not easy!  I actually had the dress for Sierra for awhile, it was one of my great bargains from 2 years ago.  In fact, I may have once had a matching dress for Adelyn :( but I made my mom return most of the stuff like that I had bought.  Anyway, I could not find anything to match for Coen.....and then I had a bright idea.  I saw bow tie onsies online, and decied to make one to match.  Then a lightbulb went off and I remembered her dress had a diaper cover, which I never use anymore.  And so I found the template for the bow tie, gave my mom the diaper cover for material, and she made the matching bow tie!  I love it!


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