Tuesday, April 10, 2012

6 Months

Coen is 6 months old today.  Wow....it is going way too fast.  How has he been here half a year already?

I am so excited for the next few months, I just LOVE this age.  They are still very much babies, you can cuddle and hold them and kiss them all you want.  But yet, they are starting to have personalities, to notice things around them and it is so much fun to watch them.  I really love when babies start to sit up and you can put them on a blanket with toys and they will just sit there and play!

Coen rolls over like crazy now and likes to eat his toes!  He is almost sitting up:
Coen still loves his big sister the best!  Sierra is still always in his face, touching and talking loudly to him.  It drives me crazy but he loves it and laughs and smiles at her.  Too cute.  I love watching their relationship - I really looked forward to sibling love.  Even though I was very detached during my whole pregnancy with Coen, the one moment I allowed myself to daydream about was Sierra meeting her new sibling.

Coen has his 6 month check up Thursday, so I'm not sure what he weighs.  He still fits in 3-6 month clothes, although some of them are almost getting too small.  It has been unseasonably warm here, so there are things he didn't get to wear :(  So I will attempt to keep him in 3-6 months a little longer so he can wear his clothes!  I would guess he is around 17 lbs?

Coen is still exclusively breastfed, although I did break down and feed him solids over the weekend and again tonight.  He really loved it, but made a big mess. 

I have been holding off starting them, for many reasons.  I think I really just don't want him to grow up, and moving from only nursing means he is.  Plus I kind of like being the only one who can feed him...... Another reason is he seems content and I like our routine.  Adding solids changes it, and it's more work to prepare and clean up the mess he makes!  Sierra was so excited when we first gave him cereal - in fact I think "excited" is her new word because she's been saying it a lot lately.  That's ok, she's been happy and good lately so I will take it!

Coen had his first cold this month, and with it came a little fever :(  He had a cough and all, but still slept all night long.  Such a good boy!  He continues to be a wonderful baby - so pleasant and happy and smiles all the time.  I was off work for 5 days with him for Easter break, and I really don't think he cried much at all!  I wonder sometimes if he is even hungry because he would go 4 hours and not even cry, but I knew he needed to eat so I would feed him before he really fussed.

Coen's favorite thing to do now is put everything he can into his mouth.  He also has started "talking" and making noises.

I am so thankful for every day with my little man!  Don't get me wrong, I still miss one of his big sisters every day as well, but he has certainly helped to make that hole in my heart a little smaller.  Thank you Coen for bringing pure joy back into our lives.  We love you buddy!


Melissa said...

Oh my, he is just so cute -- those blue eyes!

Happy 6 months Coen <3

Sarah Erwin said...

He's so handsome! He and Georgia Kate make one very ADORABLE couple! ;) ;)

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