Friday, June 3, 2011

Happy? Birthday to Me

So my last blog post I asked "what else?" Well, here's what else.......

Today is my birthday. I can't say it was "happy" - I spent the day writing progress notes at work, which has got to be my least favorite part of the job. I did somehow finish them all. I'm not sure of the quality of them, I wrote the bare minimum because for some reason today I was just in a rotten mood.

Sierra has pink eye. She HATES the eye drops. She screamed as we tried to put them in, we had to basically sit on her and force them in and that made me so upset. Plus both hubby and I got so frustrated, I think the container got thrown across the room a few times. I hope no drops escaped because it doesn't seem like there are very many in the dropper! The only good thing about this ordeal was Sierra really wanted to cuddle with me afterwards.

Checking my e-mail tonight - which was nicely overloaded with Facebook notifications - I came across ANOTHER e-mail from Similac. I hadn't received one in months. I got one last month and I called and flat out told them "Take me off your list. My baby died." The lady was like "Oh I'm sorry. Can you hold?" Then came back, apologized, and said I was off the list. Nope. The subject of the e-mail today: "Your independent 9-month-old: When to say "no." I wish I was dealing with that. Why did they have to send it to me, ON MY BIRTHDAY! How do they always seem to know the exact wrong picture or day to send one of these?

The highlight of my day would have to be going to Sarris (maker of the BEST chocolate ever) for ice cream. For some reason on the car ride home, Sierra started talking about Adelyn. She was singing her own made up song at first, but then it turned into happy birthday. Except instead of singing happy birthday to me, she sang it to Adelyn and then was talking about a birthday cake for her. Sigh. We'll never get to REALLY sing it to her, although I do think we will get a cake on her birthday and sing happy birthday anyway.

I am really ready for this LOOOOOONG stretch of bad days to end. I knew I was due for some bad days, I had been doing really well. But this is getting ridiculous. I want out of this funk, this overwhelming sadness needs to go away. I just can't seem to get it to, no matter what I try.

Tune in for a more positive post, coming soon (I sure hope anyway).


Watts Family said...

I'm sorry it was a crummy day! I'm glad we got to talk though! I know what you mean about the wrong day - not sure you remember the phone call I told you about, that I got on my birthday. Praying for you...always!

car said...

Glad that at least you got some good chocolate/ice cram for your birthday.

Trying to give eye drops to a toddler is not fun. You are not the only parents who have had to resort to sitting on your child so just do what you have to do.

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