Friday, June 22, 2012

Liquid Gold

This week, I feel like my baby is growing up.  I put away the baby swimg, baby bath tub, and tub seat because we no longer use them.  I can also get rid of the bumbo seat as soon as I find the time to put it downstairs.  Putting away baby stuff makes me SO sad.   But, I am very glad that this time I get to put it away after I actually used it.  However, this time it is not put away, it is sell or give away.  Baby gear is never coming back out at my house.  Funny how you can't wait to get rid of all that big stuff, and then when you can, you are sad because it means your babies are growing up.
However, last week I packed up the pump and today I officially put away the bottle/pump parts drying rack. I haven't used it since summer break started, but I had wanted to clean it good and make sure all the bottles on it were dry before I put it away. It felt good. I hated washing all the pump parts every night. The pump and the drying rack - those are two things I am NOT sad about seeing gone.  I hate pumping and I hate washing everything even more.  Now that summer is here, I do not need to pump, nor do I need to give any bottles.  Yeah! 

Just in case you didn't believe me that I put SO much time and effort into keeping up my milk supply and making sure I wouldn't run out:

Freezer 1 - our main freezer - 2 shelves dedicated to Coen

Freezer 2 - our basement freezer - all milk and a pizza!

Now that summer is here and Coen is back to being exclusively breastfed, I don't even need any of this!  I use a half a bag for his cereal every morning and save the rest for the next morning.  I just hope none of it goes to waste! If it is truly liquid gold, we are rich :)


Sarah Erwin said...

It IS liquid gold! :) Look at your great stockpile!

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