Wednesday, June 13, 2012

8 Months

Coen was 8  months old on Sunday!  My monthly updates keep getting later each month....and I am off for summer now so I don't even have a good excuse.  Except Coen had a fever for two days and seems to be fine today, but now I feel a bit under the weather.

At 8 months, Coen is trying so hard to crawl.  He pushes up like he is doing a push up:

He also scoots around in a circle while on his belly, but doesn't really move!  Although I have caught him going backwards a little, and he does move by rolling across the floor.  It won't be long until he is mobile.  Not so sure I am ready for that!

We started doing baths with both kids together, and it is so cute to watch them.  Coen loves to splash, it is instant!  Sierra gets mad when he does it, and I just laugh and think to myself "paybacks!"  It just makes me smile to see him explore things and squeal in delight.  He tries to grab at the water if I pour it into the tub.  If only he could stay this age forever.....

Coen prefers to sit on the floor with toys, and has recently started going from sitting to his belly, like this:

He still likes to put everything in his mouth.  Lately he has really been enjoying Sierra's balloon that is still floating from her birthday party a month ago!  No teeth yet, but I'm not surprised given how late Sierra's came in.

He has really explored a lot of new foods this month.  I'm still really anal about making sure to try it for 3-4 days to be sure he isn't allergic before moving to the next thing.  His favorites this month were oatmeal cereal, applesauce, peas, peaches and mango.  He wasn't such a fan of avocados and pumpkin.  I wasn't a fan of the avocados, because we had just gotten over the runny breastmilk poop that was causing diaper explosions daily, and after he tried the avocados we went back to it.  And it seemed to stay awhile after the 3 days in a row of avocados!  Thankfully, it has been much better, but I swear it took 2 weeks!  I was afraid to introduce prunes on Sunday, but I did and surprisingly even with 4 days in a row of prunes, he has only gone once or twice a day and not runny at all.  Go figure!

Coen is still breastfed and has not had one drop of formula yet :)  Go me!  I am so happy that I don't have to pump now that I am home for the summer, I hate washing that thing.  He is down to nursing about 4 times per day - morning, lunch, afternoon and before bed.

Coen has started babbling, I keep trying to teach him "mama"....but I know that it is not truly a word until he looks at me and says it.  Otherwise, it is JUST babbling.  I wish all people would get that (sorry that annoys me, after all it is what I do for a living!). Sometimes he will go on and on and it sounds like he is swearing in baby talk.  I am sure he is!  I remember when Sierra did that and I thought it was so funny!

I finally got our scale working again so I weighed him the old fashioned way - first weighed myself (and wasn't upset about that number - I was actually pleasantly surprised - if it is correct I haven't weighed that little in a long time) and then I held him and weighed us again.  According to my amateur skills, he weighs about 18.5 lbs.  Sierra helped me measure him and our estimate was 27.5 inches.  At 8 months, Coen is almost exactly the same size Sierra was at 1 year.  How crazy!  I think it should be pretty close to being accurate, because he is wearing a few of her onesies that she wore the summer after she turned 1.  And he is wearing them the summer before he turns 1!  Ha ha!

Coen had his first trip to the pool on his actual 8 month "birthday."  He loved it, of course, but was a bit fussy after we got out.  I feel bad because he ended up running a fever the next day, he probably wasn't feeling well.  Not that you can tell here:

Happy 8 months buddy!  Mommy can't wait to spend all summer with you.   This is probably my favorite age so I am happy it fell during summer :)


Melissa said...

Happy 8 months Coen!

He's doing about the same as Alexa with activities - creeping, almost crawling, etc!

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