Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rolling Over

Every night we put Coen to sleep on his back.  Every night he rolls over to his belly.  Sometimes it takes awhile, but when I check on him before I go to bed, he is always on his belly.  I had been ok with it, because what can I do?  Once they can roll, you can't stop them.

The past few nights when I have gone in to check on him, I have had small (or maybe big) freak outs.  For some reason, the sleeping baby = dead baby is back.  I was paralyzed for a moment, afraid to check if he was breathing.  Especially tonight.....his face was not turned to the side so much so I wondered how he could breathe.  I turned his head more to the side, watched him move as he breathed, felt under his nose to make sure he was really breathing, and left the room not feeling any less anxious even though he was fine.  I think I may go back in and turn him over, I am just afraid to wake him up.

Sierra always slept the same way, with her butt sticking up.  I guess it is a family trait, she still sleeps that way.  The difference is, back when she was a baby, I was naive and didn't think anything bad could ever happen to my children.  That is something you only read about happening to others.

Deep breaths........


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