Monday, February 6, 2012


I am exhausted tonight - Coen woke up crying at about 11, right as I was heading to bed.  Not sure what his deal was, maybe gas?  But he went back to sleep by 12 and so did we.  Then around 3 we heard a conversation coming from Sierra's room - I don't know if she was talking in her sleep or woke up for a little, but we heard her all the way down the hall.  She's always got something to say.  It was just enough to interrupt our sleep, but we didn't have to get up before she was back asleep.  Needless to say, I slept from 12-5 with one interruption......not enough.

Today at work was a typical day.  I am almost caught up, so I decided to rescreen a few kids my sub had flagged.  As I checked the one paper, a date jumped off the page at me.....9/29/11.  It was the date my sub had screened this student.  Of course seeing that date, Adelyn's first birthday, made me think of her. 

Then I heard one of her songs on the radio on my way to run an errand before picking the kids up.  That isn't out of the ordinary, but this song isn't on the radio all the time like it was all summer, so it's not as common to hear it now.

I stopped at the Dollar Store to get some cards.  While I am there, I always check out the book section just in case there is something good.  One book caught my eye because it had a pink rose on it - another reminder of Adelyn.  So I picked it up - Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul.  How fitting.  Curious, I opened it to scan in.  I read a little, and it was about a plumber who happened to be fixing something in a house when the couple got a call concerning their unborn baby's ultrasound and freaked out.  The plumber then told them how he and his wife had lost their firstborn son a few days before birth.  His point was that it is out of our control what happens.  I can't believe I opened the book and it went right to this page, I mean how often do you read about babies dying?

To think I was so worried that Adelyn would be forgotten.  She is always sending me signs that she is still watching and around.  I hope that she sends them to others as well.  And I wish people would tell me about them, so I know they remember her too.


Melissa said...

I have only one friend that will bring up Charlotte to me. She's even visited her grave. I told her to tell me if she ever goes again because I like to hear that other people think of her too. At first she said she felt like she was trying to get "credit" with me so she didn't tell me. Who care about credit, right? She visited my baby and I love her for it. <3

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