Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Coen was baptized on this past Sunday.  It was hard to decide where to have him baptized, but I think we made the right decision.  Here's why -

We got married at the chapel where I went to college, because we lived out of town at the time and didn't really belong to a church here.  Plus I wanted to get married at my college because the church is beautiful, and let's face it, the church I belonged to my entire life was pretty much a basement!

Anyway, when Adelyn died we were not sure what to do about a funeral.  We were in shock and in a haze of emotions.  Someone suggested we call the priest who married us, and so Trevor did.  He was more than willing to put something together for us, and it was perfect.  We have always liked him, he is not your typical priest.  Very down to earth and easy to talk to.  We kept in touch with him, he sends us anniversary cards every year too.  We even had lunch with him last year right after I found out I was pregnant with Coen.

It seemed perfect to have him baptize Coen as well.  The only catch was that it would have to be in the same chapel as Adelyn's funeral.  That is the only time we have ever been in this chapel, our wedding was in the main church.  I wasn't sure how it would be to go back to that room again.

In the end, I decided that if I could have Coen at the same hospital, I could do this.  And the more I thought about it, the more I decided it was yet another way to tie Adelyn and Coen together.  I really felt like she was there with us.

I will admit I was a little distracted by the memories when we were there, a little shaky and nervous.  Honestly when I get like that, I hold on tight to my kids.  So I just loved on Coen a little more than usual to make up for missing Adelyn.

Everything went perfectly, Coen didn't even cry when the water was poured on his head.  I brought my candle that my friend made for me with Adelyn's name on it.  At the beginning of the service, Fr. McCool mentioned Adelyn and the last time we were there and how it was a sad time, and now it was a happy time.  He then randomly asked us what the largest piece of glass was in our car.  We were confused, but answered the windshield.  Then he asked what the smallest piece was - the rear view mirror.  I can't remember exactly what he said, but basically he was saying that while the past is important and it is necessary to look back sometimes, you have to keep moving forward and keep focused on the future and not dwell in the past.  I really liked that analogy.

This is by far my favorite picture right now.  My cousin, Coen's godmother, said the way the light was shining through the stained glass almost looked like a rainbow.  How perfect.  I felt like it was Adelyn shining down at us from Heaven. 


Melissa said...


Alexa's baptism was this past Sunday too. I love coincidences like this!

Also, for Charlotte's memorial service we had just moved back to near our university. We hadn't joined a local parish yet so my mother-in-law contacted our university's chapel and they allowed us to have the service there. Another similarity.

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