Thursday, April 28, 2011

Family Drawing

Today Sierra made her first family picture/drawing at the baby-sitter's. She said that Sierra made it all by herself.

When you ask her who is in the picture, she says "Daddy, Mommy, Sierra, Nicco (our dog) and baby sister." Our poor cat didn't make it into the family, I guess. But it warms my heart that she included "baby sister." As much as I tell her Adelyn's name, I think she may always be "baby sister" to Sierra. After all, that is what we referred to her as when I was pregnant, being she did not have a name until like a day before she was born.

I think I finally found something Sierra got from me - artistic ability. Or should I say lack of it!


TanaLee Davis said...

Oh lisa!!! That is so cute! She even included the dog...must be her

She gave "baby sister" a spot on the drawing too...i'm boo hooing over heart breaking and touching at the same time.


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