Saturday, December 1, 2012

Round 3

We are on round 3 of antibiotics for Coen's ear infection.  He first got sick way back on his 12 month well check, almost 2 months ago.  He had an ear infection and a cold, and was wheezing a little.  The doctor didn't feel it was bad enough to give him breathing treatments.

So he took the antiobiotics and seemed better by his birthday party.  But I guess he wasn't, because when we went back for the ear recheck, he ended up running a fever the day before.  And the ear infection hadn't cleared, so we got stronger antibiotics.

After about 5 days on the medicine, he finally seemed better again.  Then, as soon as he finished the medicine, he started with a cold.   And he still has it.

And what do you know, at his ear recheck both ears are still infected.  And the doctor heard him wheezing and sent us with breathing treatments.  Coen hated the first one in the doctor's office, screamed the whole time.  But since we have done them at home without the mask, he likes to put the adult mouthpiece in his mouth and doesn't fight it as much.  We also got another antibiotic for the ears.

I'm hoping this will clear him up.  His ears had no chance to drain since he has constantly had a cold.  It doesn't help that Sierra and Trevor are coughing and a bunch of the kids at their baby-sitter's house have been sick too.

I hate my baby being sick.  He has to go back again on Thursday to check his lungs.  I really don't see that the breathing treatments are necessary, as I never noticed him wheezing and he isn't acting sick.  He is sleeping fine, eating fine - just a tad crankier than usual at night before bed.  But, if it makes him get better faster, I will do it.  It's 3 times a day, which means I am going to have to get up at least 15 minutes earlier during the week to give it to him before work.  I already get up at I will have to get up even earlier than I did when I pumped.  Not liking this one bit.

Really hoping there is no round 4 because then we will probably be heading towards ear tubes.  I know it's not a big deal, but the thought of watching my baby be wheeled away for surgery leaves me in a state of panic already.  This is why I cannot allow myself to think ahead.....


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