Thursday, July 12, 2012

9 Months

Coen was 9 months old yesterday.  How did the 9  months I was pregnant seem to last forever, yet the 9 months since he was born have flown by?  Well, I am sure the pregnancy seemed to drag because I felt like I was pregnant forever, since there were only 4 months between the two.

I finally feel like I have his schedule down, now that I have been home with him for a month.  I LOVE being home!  But it took awhile to adjust.  The first two weeks were a waste because he was sick and then I got it and was really sick for about a week.  Then I was playing catch up.  Frustrating!  Now I have it down pat - he wakes up at about 8 and nurses, then Sierra and I eat our breakfast.  After that I drink my coffee while the kids play.  Sierra usually gets sucked into the TV so I am going to try to turn the channel to news so she won't.  Coen crawls around and I attempt to do dishes or clean up something.  At about 9:30 I give him his cereal and then he takes a nap.  Most of the time, I put something on TV for Sierra and take a shower while he naps.  Sierra is fine while I shower, but he isn't.  If we aren't going anywhere or go to the pool, I shower later.  When he wakes up from his nap, I nurse him again.  Then Sierra and I eat lunch and I then give him some fruit or veggies.  If we have an errand to run, we do it then because that is the only time in between naps.  I try to get both kids down for a nap at about 2-4, sometimes it ends up being 2:30.  If we are out, sometimes Coen falls asleep in the car and Sierra too, so then there is no nap.  Which  means I get no time to get anything done!  When Coen wakes up from his nap, I nurse him again.  Then I cook dinner while attempting to keep 2 kids occupied, because Trevor doesn't usually get home till 5:30 or later.  Coen gets fed his dinner first, then we give him puffs or baby mum mums while we eat.  After dinner, we go outside for awhile.  If it's a bath night, we come in around 8.  If not, we can stay out a bit later.  Coen nurses again before bed and then sleeps all night.

Coen had his check up yesterday, he weighs 19 lbs 12 oz and is 27.25 inches tall.  He really isn't big, in fact he is below average for both, but he seems so big to me.  Sierra was probably 14 months before she weighed that much!  She was so tiny!  He checked out great, but had to get a finger prick to test his blood.  The dr. said his levels were a bit low so I have to switch him to a vitamin with iron because that is usually the cause.  It makes me nervous, like I am not feeding him enough or my  milk isn't good enough.  But he is definitely gaining on it, so......

Coen started crawling about 2 weeks ago, and he is into everything. His favorite places to crawl to are the fireplace-which has little rocks for him to grab, the dog dishes-water to splash in and he actually put a piece of food into his mouth, and the garbage can-the part you step on to open the lid comes off and he tries to eat it. He is on the go constantly, which has made it hard to get anything done around here. He also really likes to open and close doors. Thankfully my mom found the Laugh and Learn House at a consignment store for cheap and it has a door to crawl through. He has really enjoyed it, and Sierra actually plays with it too.

In other big news,  Coen got his 2 bottom teeth this month.  I was surprised, given Sierra was 16 months before she cut her first one.  And he wasn't fussy at all!  I hope that trend continues.  I am very scared about getting bit now though, but until he has his top teeth I think I will be ok.  So far, so good.

Coen started pulling up, but only to his knees.  I am sure it won't be long so I have to find a new coffee table because ours is too dangerous.  When I go in to get him up in the morning or after naps, he is often sitting up in his crib now.  Too cute!  He has become very vocal, and often screams or yells "da da da".  I keep trying to teach him "ma ma ma". 

New foods this month included prunes, apricots, zucchini, puffs and Baby mum mums, wheat cereal, cantaloupe, carrots, and blueberries.  He wasn't a huge fan of carrots at first, but seems to like them now.  I tried to give him cantaloupe cut into tiny pieces, and he did try to chew them but made funny faces and took forever so I pureed it.  We will try again later on!

Some pictures of our little man at 9 months:

Mommy's attempt at a mohawk - his hair is a little too long!


His hair on a normal day, but he sure needs a haircut!


Sarah Erwin said...

Handsome!! I love the hair! Such a sweet smile...looks exactly like Sierra!

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