Saturday, May 7, 2011

May 7th

One year ago, at about this time, we found out we were having our second daughter. I was all smiles on the way home, already dreaming of all the sister stuff they would do together. I NEVER in my wildest dream expected what actually happened.

Even though Adelyn wasn't technically stillborn, this poem fits.

To A Stillborn Sister

How do you love a person
Who never got to be,
Or try again to see a face
You never got to see?

How do you mourn the death of one
Who never got to live,
When there's nothing to feel good about
And nothing to forgive?

I love you, little sister.
You're a person of the wind,
Free to be the memory
Of all that might have been.

I love you, little sister,
My companion of the night,
Wandering through my lonely hours,
Beautiful and bright.

What does it mean to die before
You ever can be born,
To live the lovely night of life
And never see the dawn?

Ah! My little sister,
You lived like anyone!
Life's a burst of joy and pain,
And then, like yours, it's done.

I love you, little sister,
Just as if you'd lived for years.
No more, no less, I think of you,
The angel of my tears.


TanaLee Davis said...

I have been following you for quite some time. I thought Adelyn was still born? Maybe I'm getting things mixed up...I can't recall you ever posting "her" story on your blog...i understand if you haven't. I have to say I am curious now though of her story. If you can or want to I'd love to hear about it or be reminded of the story. I hope this isn't insulting...hugs-

Rhiannon said...

Beautiful poem. <3

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