Saturday, November 10, 2012

Germs, Germs Go Away!

This fall has not been kind to our  house.  Except maybe to Sierra.  She's been pretty  healthy.  I hope I didn't just jinx her.

I swear one of us has been sick since I went back to work.  Colds, stomach issues, ear infections, name it.

Poor Coen got his first ear infection at his one year check up.  After one dose of antiobiotics, he seemed to be on the mend.

Fast forward three weeks, the day we were to return to the doctor for an ear recheck and his shots, since he didn't get them at his well check.

He woke up and didn't seem like himself.  He had no fever, so I guilt-i-ly took him to the baby-sitter's house.  I said I thought maybe he was getting sick.  When I checked up on him later that day she said he was ok.  But then he spiked a fever an hour or two after this.  I decided to still take him to the doctor appointment (even though he couldn't get the shots due to having a fever) to be sure the ear infection had cleared.

It didn't.  So, we are on round two of antiobiotics and Augmentin is not our friend.  Coen doesn't like how it tastes so is starting to spit it back out.  It causes yucky diapers, so must be upsetting his tummy because he still isn't eating like normal.  It also gave Coen a rash, which the on-call nurse said was not a allergic reaction but just a common side effect.  Now I am confused because Sierra had a similar rash and they said she was allergic?

I am not sure what else is going on, but I want my sweet, happy boy back.  His fever has been gone for a few days, but he is still not himself.  He is cranky from the time he wakes up from his afternoon nap until I put him to bed. It's worse than when  he was an infant!  The past few nights he has woken up crying, which he hasn't done since he was 2 months old.  I am wondering if he is also teething because he keeps chewing on his fingers.  That would explain a lot, but I don't see any new teeth.

Hubby and I have also been sick off and on.  It's not fun.  I am hoping this is not a sign of how our winter is going to be.  Last year I made it from December when I went back to work to June without taking one sick day (because I didn't have any).  At least this year I have 8 more sick days left.

Well, that's if I ever catch up on work stuff to take off.  I am so busy I want to cry.  I hate going to work when my kids are sick.  I feel so guilty, like the worst mom in the world.  It's so hard for me to concentrate when all I am thinking about is how I would much rather be home rocking my sick baby.  But I literally  have at least 10 IEP reports to write by Thanksgiving break.  I am not sure it is going to happen.  Then I have to schedule meetings, do my monthly billing, in addition to seeing all 67 of the kids on my roster.  Just typing that made my stress level go WAY up.  Sometimes (ok most of the time) I really  hate being a working mom.  I'm so much happier in the summer.

Working mom of sick baby rant over.....


TanaLee Davis said...

This time of year always seems to get everyone.
Yesterday I was some-what stuffy...being pregnant and stuffy= disaster. With that said I hope to hear that your family gets a break from the old flu bug and get some much needed tlc. Hugs mama-

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