Saturday, August 11, 2012

10 Months!

Coen was 10 months old yesterday. Wow - double digits!  I remember being so excited to turn 10 because it was double digits.  So funny to think about that now.

10 months is such a fun age.  He's still a baby, he still needs me, he is still a momma's boy.  He is still so cute with his chubby legs and big eyes.  But he is also learning so much and his personality is really showing.

I'm really not away from him very much during the summer.  Call me crazy, but I just can't bear it.  I think that other people think I'm nuts, but until you leave your kids for 8 hours, you can't understand.  I miss so much, that I just want to soak it ALL in.  Every last second of his baby-hood (which is sadly slipping away).  Anyway, the few times I have left him to go to the dentist and just this week to put some hours in at work for extra money, he has been completely fine. But as soon as I come home and he sees me, he crawls right over to me and "pulls up" on my legs.  It melts my heart every single time.  I have to add that typically I am sure to get home just in time for a feeding, and so I am sure he does this because he knows that mommy = milk.  But, those moments are one of the reasons why I love breastfeeding so much.  And, just to prove how much I refuse to be away from him - he has not had one single bottle since my last day of work at the beginning of June.  I have been home for every single feeding, and I cherish every single one of those moments.  The way he grabs onto my necklace - the one of his sister's handprint that I wear every day.  The little noises he makes while he nurses, the way he is instantly calmed.  I love it.  All of it.

You know what else melts my heart?
His dimples!  I love them.  He has one under his eye, but I searched and could not find a picture that shows it :(  It is my favorite - so I will have to try really hard to take one where you can see it.

I am also loving hearing his little voice.  I could listen all day long.  He babbles a lot now.  My favorite is when he makes the "t" sound...not sure why, but I blame being a speech therapist on noticing these types of things!

What is Coen doing these days?  Well, getting into everything.  He loves to eat dog food, and I often find him by the bowl with a piece in his mouth.  I have to swipe it out, yuck!  He also loves doors and opening (or trying to open) the cabinets in the kitchen.  They are all baby proofed, except the drawer under the stove.  He is always opening that one!  He has crawled/climbed up a few steps.  He also learned how to pull up to standing this month!  We came back from the beach to find him standing up in his crib!  I did finally take down the mobile :(

He loves to crawl under things, and his new favorite is under the exersaucer.  He doesn't really like to be in it anymore, but he does love to crawl through it, or sit under it and roll a ball around it - like a cat!  He loves to play with balls and will crawl everywhere after one.  This kid is ALL boy.  Not sure I am cut out for this, but here we go!

Coen is still breastfed, and he has still only had breastmilk.  He is starting to eat more finger foods - like cut blueberries, peas, etc.  We tried chicken this month, but he wasn't a fan until I mixed it in with other foods.  He also tried mashed potatoes, yellow squash, cottage cheese, Cheerios.  We tried a sippy cup once but it didn't go over well.

I think Coen had a growth spurt this month, according to my amatuer measuring/weighing!  He still weighs the same, 19.5 lbs, but when we measured him, he was up to 28.5 inches (last month he was 27.25 at the doctor's office).  It is hard to measure them until they stand, so not sure how accurate either of those are.  But, his 9 month onesies seem to be almost too short, so it could be that he has grown.

Coen still sleeps very well, but hasn't been going down as easily.  I have had to rock him and sing to him, and he hums himself to sleep.  My mom and brother hum in their sleep, so maybe he inherited that slightly annoying trait!  The falling asleep issue started at the beach, not sure if he is getting another tooth (he still only has 2), growth spurt, change in routine?  Who knows.

This month, Coen had his first trip to the beach, his first trip to Chuck E. Cheese's for a birthday party, lots of trips to the pool also!  He loves to splash in the water!  We have been working really hard on clapping his hands and raising his arms when I say "How big is Coen?"  No success just yet, I guess boys are just slower at these things.

I have really enjoyed every moment with him this month.  Even though sometimes I feel like I haven't "done" enough with this kids this summer - we haven't had many playdates, gone to amusement parks or anything extra fun - I guess I have just enjoyed doing nothing with them.  Sometimes I just love to sit and watch them play - often Coen plays with Sierra's big doll house (he loves the doors) and she plays with his Laugh and  Learn house or ball popper.  Figures, right?

I have been missing our precious Adelyn a lot lately.  I mean, I always do, but it's been more intense lately.  I'm not sure if it's the time of year, knowing September is nearing.  Or going back to work, a new school year can remind me of starting the year very pregnant 2 years ago, and last year too.  I have been trying to push through and think about all the moments and things I love about Coen, knowing I probably wouldn't have him if Adelyn was here.  He is such a gift, and I am grateful for him every single day.


car said...

I just love those blue eyes!

You should try giving Cohen a strip of steak. C.S. can't get enough of it. It sounds strange but they are very big on first foods being high in iron here so they recommend trying red meat early.

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